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Shawnna Lea has been writing and telling stories since she was a young child. Her friends and family told her she should expand her audience so here she is!
Born around the spring equinox in a gust of wind by a town she would never recognize now, she learned to see beyond what was easily seen and in that way has traveled where few have trod, meeting those who many claim do not actually exist. 
Injured in adventure, she now lives in a full house beside a snowy mountain range with her cat and numerous invertebrates. Yes, BUGS! Shawnna Lea LOVES insects, spiders, and other crawling things. Entomology is one of her hobbies. When not writing novels or collecting bugs she likes to strum her ukulele, hike with her buddy Zoey-who is in fact a goat-or sit peacefully, drawing the world she sees.

Image of author, Shawnna Lea, on a flowery mountainside with sandstone cliffs.

Rogue Magic Series

A Sword and Sorcery LitRPG Adventure

Man climbs tower wall in the dark with many stars and a creepy glow below on book cover Dark Enlightening by Shawnna Lea
Man with dagger walks toward a glowing hallway through dark mists on book cover Dark Perception by Shawnna Lea
Woman walks on beach in dark with a glowing orb in hand on book cover Dark Conviction by Shawnna Lea

Fae Crossing Series

A Contemporary High Fantasy Series 

Young woman walking through a fire landscape on book cover for Summer's Fugitive by Shawnna Lea
Blue green tinted mask with creepy eye on book cover for Behind the Mask by Shawnna Lea

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