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Dark Perception

Rogue Magic Book 2
KindleUnlimited, Paperback, and Audible!

Two people on the run will find a new magical and dangerous adventure...
Yue Fei finally receives his very own egg, but when the white dragon hatches, it is received as an evil omen. Fleeing his country to protect his dragon, he finds Cajsa also fleeing her home.
Running from an arranged marriage and her overprotective mother, Cajsa feels the only way to fix her life is to find her father, the illusive assassin, Whisper. But finding the missing Katrin proves difficult and treacherous for the two adventurers. To find the answers they seek, they must find The Fates, believing it’s their only way to succeed. Instead of a straight answer the all knowing beings send them on a quest to rescue another captive from an enemy all but forgotten.

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