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Behind the Mask

Fae Crossing Book 1

Kaleigh will become a unwilling participant in a realm beyond her belief...


Kaleigh doesn't believe in Faeries, Demons, or Monsters but soon finds herself tangled with them all when she is dragged into the realm of the impossible by riders of the Wild Hunt and blamed for a crime she didn't commit.
Saved from disaster by the very king she supposedly wronged, she's taken to what she believes to be safety only to find nothing is safe when it comes to magic and the fae.
Now stuck in a world she doesn't belong, she becomes attahced to her newfound fae friends. So, when she finds out they are all under a threat they have no power to vanquish, she takes it upon herself to go up against a whole race of magical creatures.
With this awkward, quiet young woman find it within herself to be something greater than she ever dreamed and save all of Faerie?
Find out in this new fae fantasy perfect for those who love Julie Kagawa and Holly Black.  

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